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Indoor Lighting Solutions

Design Lighting Ltd in Johnsonville, have a  range of contemporary interior lights to suit any home or business.
  • We offer contemporary lighting that ensures that you have an impressive indoor area.
  • Our interior lights are long lasting and excellent quality which saves you money.
  • You'll always get great quality, great service and a great price.
  • Our European lights are eco friendly and energy efficient keeping your indoor area modern, economical, and friendly to the planet.
  • We provide on-site lighting consultation which saves you time and helps provide a lighting solution to meet your needs.
  • We are design focused to ensure correct lighting standards to Government regulations, which ensures your safety.
  • We are 100% focused on your lighting needs to create the right lighting solution for your comfort and entertainment needs.
Q: How much will lighting cost?
A: An entire house can cost from $1,400 - $35,000.

Q: What type of lights do you stock?
A: Everything. All quality lighting from reputable suppliers.

Q: Are your lights eco friendly?
A: Yes, dependent on the purpose.

Q: Are the lights energy efficient?
A: Yes, dependent on the purpose.

Q: Are your lights of good quality?
A: Definitely.

Q: Am I getting value for money?
A: Yes. Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.

Q: Do you think outside the box?
A: Always. Click here to see our case study.

Q: Can you meet our lighting expectations?
A: Yes, and we aim to surpass them.

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Indoor Lighting Solutions

Indoor Lighting Solutions

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